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    八年级上(U8)单词---- Section 10

    55. pancake    烙饼,薄饼

    N. 1). 薄煎饼:a baked pancake烙饼 / (as) flat as a pancake 像薄煎饼一样扁平的

    2). ?#31350;鍘科?#38477;,平坠(着陆)(= pancake landing

    Vi. (飞机)平降:pancake down to a forced landing被迫平降着陆

    Vt. 使(飞机)平降


    Pancake coil    【电】扁平线圈

    Pancake engine    水平对置式发动机

    Pancake turner    广播电台(或电视台)的唱片放送员

    56. nearly    几乎,将近

    Ad. 1). 差不多,几乎:It’s nearly five o’clock. 差不多五点钟了。/ Nearly everyone knows it. 几乎每个人都知道这个。/ be nearly completed 即将完成

    2). 密切地;亲密地:examine sth. nearly 仔细检查某物 / The matter concerns him nearly. 这事与他有密切关系。/ be nearly related 是至亲

    3). 吝啬地


    Not nearly    远非,相差很远:It’s not nearly so easy as you think. 这远不是你所想的那么容易。

    A near escape    九死一生

    Far and near    远近,到处,四面八方:Songs of victory are ringing far and near.

    Near and dear    极亲密的

    Near upon    (时间)将近:It was near upon nine o’clock when we came back. 我们回?#35789;?#24050;将近九点钟。

    Near beer    淡啤酒

    Near East    近东

    Near point    【医】近点

    Near work    需要眼睛靠近看的工作


    Near    ad. 1). (空间、时间)接近,近:A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near. 海内存知?#28023;?#22825;涯若比邻。/ International Labour Day is drawing near. 国际?#25237;?#33410;即将来到。2). 差不多,几乎:dark brown coming near to black 与黑色差不多的深棕色 / be near dead with fright 几乎吓死 [注意:现通常用nearly]3). 亲近地,亲密地;4). 节俭地;吝啬地。A. 1). (空间、时间)近的:The tractor station is quite near. 拖拉机站就在附近。/ in the near future 在不久的将来 / on a near day 在近日内;2). 接近的,近似的;勉强的:a near translation 接近原文的翻译 / near silk 像真丝的人造丝 / Though the game was won, it was a very near thing. 虽然比赛赢了,但?#30830;址?#24120;接近。3). 关系接近的,亲民的:a near relation 近亲;4). (车轮等)在左侧的:the near front wheel of a car 汽车的左前轮 / the near side of the road 路的左侧;5). (路等)直达的,近的:It’s four li by the nearest road. 走最近的路,有四里。6). [] 吝啬的。Prep. 接近,靠近:He is near fifty. 他近五十岁了。/ This new freighter is near completion. 这艘新货轮即将完工。/ The experimental farm is near the waterpower station. 实验农场在水电站附近。/ come (go) near being drowned 几乎淹死 / The picture does not come near the original. 这幅复制的画走了样。Vt. 接近;走进,驶进:The ship was nearing the wharf. 船正驶近码头。Vi. 接近;走进,驶进:The harvest season nears. 收获季节快到了。

    Near-miss    n. 靠近弹,近失弹(炸弹等虽未命中目标,但弹着点距目标很近,仍可能造成一定损失)

    Nearsighted    a. 1). 近视眼的;2). 眼光短浅的

    Nearsightness    n. 1). 近视;2). 眼光短浅

    Near-sonic    a. ?#31350;鍘?#36817;音速的

    Nearby    a. 附近的:a nearby village 附近的村庄 [注意:在英国用neighbouring较多,或将nearby放在所形容的名词后面,如a neighbouring villagea village nearby]Ad. 在附近:The helicopter landed nearby. 直升飞机在附近着陆。Prep. 的附近:build a pumping station nearby the bridge 在桥附近造一个抽水站

    57. clear    清除,清理

    A.  1). 清澈的?#36824;?#20142;的;无污垢的:the clear water of a lake / clear glass / a clear light / clear blue (red) / have a clear conscience

    2). 晴;?#37202;?#30887;(空):a clear day (night) / a clear sky

    3). 清晰的;?#32622;?#30340;;条理清楚的:a clear photograph / draw a clear line of demarcation (between …) / a clear mind / Have I made myself clear?

    4). (理解)清楚的,明确的:I want to be quite clear on this point. / Are you clear about what you should do next?

    5). (声音)嘹亮的

    6). 畅通的;无阻的;清除了的(of):The road is clear. / Are the rivers clear of ice yet? / be clear of debt (suspicion) 还清?#33487;?#35299;除了嫌疑)

    7). (木?#27169;?#26080;结疤等毛病的;没有桠枝的

    8). (船只)已卸完货的

    9). 净得的;十足的;整整的:a clear profit 净利 / win a clear victory over one’s opponent 彻底胜过对方 / five clear days 整整五天

    Ad. 1). 清楚地,清晰地:He speaks loud and clear. 他说话响亮清楚。

    2). [加重语气用] 完全;一直;整整:clear outstrip sb. ?#23545;?#36229;过某人 / clear on to the end 一直?#38477;?/span> / three feet clear 实足三呎

    3). 离开,不接触(of):Stand clear of the rails. 站地离轨道远些。/ steer clear of the reef 避开?#21040;?/span>

    3). 开拓,开垦:clear land 开?#28153;?#22320;

    4). 穿过;越过:The truck only just cleared the gate. 卡车刚?#20040;?#22823;门中间穿过。/ In 1970 a Chinese high jumper cleared 2.29 metres. 一?#29260;?/span>O年一位中国运动员跳过二.二九米。

    5). 为(船或船货)结关;(船只)结关后离开:The freighter cleared Shanghai harbor yesterday. 那只货船昨天(办好出港?#20013;?#21518;)离开上海港。

    6). 宣布无罪;开释

    7). 净得

    8). 交换(单据)?#35805;眩?#25903;票)兑现;出售(商品)

    9). (议案等)通过;批准,准许:The bill cleared the legislature. 这项议案被立法机关通过了。/ clear a plane for landing 准许一架飞机降落

    Vi. 1). 1). 变清?#28023;?#21464;清楚;变明朗:The weather has cleared up. 天放晴了。

    2). (船只)结关;结关后离港(from

    3). 交换票据

    4). 消失;[] 溜走

    5). (文件等)送交审批:The plan must clear through a higher body. 这项计划必须送交上一级机关审批。

    N. 【机】间隙,余隙


    All clear    (空袭)解除警报

    (as) clear as a bell    很健全;很清楚

    (as) clear as day (daylight, noonday)    一清二楚

    Clear away    1). 清除掉:clear away obstacles排除障碍;2). (?#21860;?#38654;灯)消失

    Clear off    1). 清除,摆脱(负担、烦恼等);清偿(债务);2). 走开;溜掉;3). (?#21860;?#38654;等)消散

    Clear out    1). 结关后离港;2). 离开;逃走;3). 清出(或出空);使(人)把钱用光

    Clear up    1). 整理,收拾:clear up the desk 整理书桌 / clear up the mess 收拾一堆乱七八糟的东西;2). 消除,解除(误会、疑虑等);3). (天气)放晴

    In clear    用一般文字(指不用明码或密码)

    In the clear    1). 不受到阻碍(或限制);2). 无嫌疑,无罪;3). 以(两边之间的)内宽计算:The corridor is 2 metres in the clear. 走廊内宽为两米。4). = in clear

    Keep clear of    不接触;避开


    Clearly    ad. 1). 明白地;清晰地:see (hear) clearly 看(听)清楚;2). 显然:Clearly you are right. 显然你是对的。

    Clear-cut    a. 轮廓清楚的;明确的,鲜明的:a clear-cut proletarian stand 鲜明的无产阶级立场

    Clear-eyed    a. 目光锐利的;能明辨是非的

    Clear-headed    a. 头脑清楚的

    Clear-sighted    a. 目光锐利的

    Clear-starch    vt. & vi. 用无色淀粉浆水(给?#36335;?#19978;浆

    Clearstory    n. = cherestory

    Clearway    n. 超速道路

    58. behind    在后面

    Prep. 1). 后面,在背后:leave sth. behind one (离开后)遗落某物;(死后)遗留某物 / the man who directs behind the scenes 幕后操纵(或策划)者

    2). 落后于;不如:behind the times 落后于时代;不合时宜 / I am behind him in drawing. 我画图不如他。

    3). 迟于:The train was not behind (its) time. 火车没有误点。

    4). 的后盾,支持

    Ad. 1). 在后,向后:stay (remain) behind (别人走后)留下来 / help those who lag (fall) behind 帮助落后的人们 / He is never behind with (in) his work. 他工作从不拖拉。

    2). 在背后(幕后):There is more behind. 背后(或其中)还有文章。

    3). 迟,过期:My watch runs behind. 我的表慢了。/ be behind in one’s payment 逾期付款

    N. [] 屁股


    Put behind one    拒绝考虑(某事)


    Behindhand    a. [常作表语] & ad. 1). 在后(的);落后(的);2). 迟(的),慢(的),过期(的)

    Behind-the-scene(s)    a. 幕后的:a behind-the-scene(s) master (boss) 幕后操纵者 / behind-the-scene(s) scheming 幕后策划



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